Have you ever wondered whether the Bible really has something relevant to add to the abortion debate? L. A. Washington declares that yes, it does, but not  what we have been led to believe.

Forget what you think you know about the Bible and abortion. In this essay, Ms. Washington introduces us to the human life equation -- the Bible's understanding of when human life begins. She takes us in a logical and well-reasoned way through the many verses of the Bible that support the notion that human life begins at birth.

Ms. Washington further shows that the human life equation is consistent with modern medicine's understanding of the physiological changes a fetus undergoes in order to survive as a newborn.

Finally, she explores the implications of this perspective on her own personal point of view. 

"L. A. Washington is animated by a deep respect and thorough knowledge of the Bible, as well as a passion to lighten the burden of guilt and confusion felt by women about abortion. She has written this essay from the heart without shortchanging or ignoring any of the relevant biblical data. Indeed, like the good attorney that she is, she assembled all the evidence and was led to affirm that the Bible does not equate abortion with murder."

-- W. Sibley Towner, Professor Emeritus of Biblical Interpretation, Union Presbyterian Seminary, Richmond, Virginia.